Why India should consider for joint development-59N6E Protivnik-GE Radar ?

Defence Acquisition Council had recently cleared a proposal to acquire 12 such radars for Indian Air Force

Egypt last year acquired these radars from Russia

Russia has broken the news of deployment of new 5th generation 59N6E Protivnik-GE

See the specifications in Images.

Since a long time I had been on the look out for a suitable radar in response to Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) (headed by Defence Minister)’s clearance for the procurement of 12 High Power Radars for Indian Air Force. Though the meeting emphasised on indegenisation, but given India has earlier also benefitted from joint development with Russia of high-valued assets like Brahmos, this one too can be considered. This radar is also used in combination with S-400 missile system. Last year Egypt purchased it and Belarus was also interested in acquiring it.

According to the, the 59N6E Protivnik-GE is a medium/high-altitude radar is designed to acquire and track strategic and tactical planes, air-launched and ballistic missiles and small low-speed aircraft in electronic countermeasures-heavy environment and feed the resultant data to the automation systems of command posts.

The primary antenna planar array is designed for low sidelobes and backlobes – the inner sidelobes being cited at -40 dB and the average sidelobe level at -53 dB. The transmitter delivers a peak power rating of 500 kiloWatts, and a average power rating of 12 kiloWatts, with a 3 dB receiver noise figure. An IFF array is mounted beneath the primary aperture. Russian sources claim the use of Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) techniques, as well as adaptive sidelobe nulling.

All radar processing is digital. The 8.5 x 5.5 metre aperture planar array uses electronic beamsteering in elevation while azimuthal pointing is achieved by rotating the turntable. EU claim the ability to form up to twenty pencil beams to track precisely individual targets. The azimuthal tracking accuracy of 0.2°, elevation accuracy of 0.17° and range accuracy of 50-100 metres make this radar capable of providing midcourse cueing for a range of SAM systems.

Almaz-Antey literature on the S-400 / SA-21 system states that compatible interfaces are available between the S-400 battery and the Protivnik GE.

A self propelled reduced aperture solid state AESA variant of the Protivnik GE has been developed as part of the new NNIIRT Nebo M Mobile Multiband Radar System, it is claimed to be equipped with a more advanced hydraulic stow/deploy mechanism intended to emulate the “shoot and scoot” capabilities of the 64N6E/91N6E (missiles of S-400) series. Significantly, this new variant is an AESA design and will therefore provide agile beam steering and tracking capabilities absent in the original Protivnik GE, bringing it up to the technological standard and reliability of the competing VNIIRT Gamma DE series.

Recently, Russian Aerospace Defence Forces have received the new 59NE Protivnik-GE 3D decimetric band track data processing radar (5th generation).

According to the Russian defense minister’s press service, the 5th generation 59NE Protivnik-GE universal mobile three-coordinate radar station has been introduced in air defence units in the Samara region.

“The radar is designed to control the space, detect air targets, determine their high-resolution coordinates (azimuth, distance, altitude), speeds and flight trajectories at long ranges and high altitudes. The station is able to operate under conditions of intense radio interference when being part of automated air defence control systems, rapid reaction forces and air traffic control systems,” the Defense Ministry’s press-service has said.

In conditions of intense radio interference, the radar is able to give information simultaneously for guiding fighters and targeting anti-aircraft missile battalions without additional refinements. The airspace viewing height is up to several hundred kilometres.

Coverage area:

– range, km 10 – 400
– altitude, km ±200
– azimuth, deg 360
– elevation, deg ±45
– radial speed, km/h 60 – 8000

The 59NE Protivnik-GE radar can operate under any climatic conditions and can be transported by road (roads of any category), rail, air, and water. It can be deployed on an unorganized site.

IMAGES : 1. 5th Gen. 59N6E Protivnik-GE
2. Earlier version that is compatible with S-400 3. Specifications

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