Why IAF’s top priority should be Super Sukhoi (PART-1)

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a custom built multi-role air superiority bomber aircraft manufactured by HAL under license. It is #IAF front line long range all weather fighter jet.T he Su-30MKI has a range of 3,000 km with internal fuel which ensures a 3.75-hour combat mission. It has mid-air refueling capability to increase 10 hours combat mission(8000KM)
Equipped with N011M bar radar which has a 400 km search range and a maximum 200 km tracking range, and 60 km in the rear hemisphere. The radar can track 15 air targets and engage 4 simultaneously. The OLS-30 (IRST) has a detection range of  90 km. It is also equipped with Elta EL/M-8222 a self-protection jammer.

Indian SU-30 MKI is an advanced 4.5 gen fighter jet. But it has been customized from original SU-30 way back in 2004. There is a strong need for India to upgrade its fighter jet to the proposed SUPER SUKOI.
India is facing an acute shortage of modern aircraft. Though recent report suggests that #IAF plans to induct 321 indigenous LCA TEJAS MK1,1A,2. But this fighter jet cannot be used in long-range engagement and bombing. Hence there is a need for advanced long-range fighter jet which can engage modern aircraft like SU-35s,j-20 &j-31. India will induct close to 272 SU-30MKI by 2020. It’s really important for India to upgrade the fighter jet along with other fighter aircraft procurement plan.


India needs to replace the PESA N011M and equip its SU 30MKI with AESA radar. As these radars are better than PESA radar and longer detection range and will be immune to jamming. India can equip SU 30MKI with N036 AESA radar system. It’s one of the few radars which can operate in a dual band ( X- and L-band signals). It will be very effective against stealth fighter particularly Chinese(j20 & j31). It has the ability to track 62 targets and shoot 16 simultaneously. Ability to engage 4 targets on land simultaneously…It will be also installed in PAK-FA. Equipped with 1,552 T/R modules.

N036 AESA radar system

The design has clear potential to provide a genuine “shared multifunction aperture” with applications including:

  1. Search, track and missile midcourse guidance against low signature aircraft.
  2. Identification Friend Foe / Secondary Surveillance Radar.
  3. Passive angle tracking and geolocation of JTIDS/MIDS/Link-16 emitters at long ranges.
  4. Passive angle tracking and geolocation of L-band AEW&C/AWACS and surface-based search radars at long ranges.
  5. Passive angle tracking and geolocation of hostile (i.e. Western) IFF and SSR transponders at long ranges.
  6. High power active jamming of JTIDS/MIDS/Link-16 emitters.
  7. High power active jamming of satellite navigation receivers over large areas.
  8. High power active jamming of L-band AEW&C/AWACS and surface-based search radars at long ranges.
  9. High power active jamming of guided munition command data links over large areas.

To be continued

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