WATCH: F-18 Conducts Low-Altitude Flyby Over Fishermens’ Heads


Fishermen associated with Killing Time Spearfishing in Wilmington, North Carolina, apparently heard military communications over their radio and took the opportunity to ask if a fighter pilot would be willing to put on an acrobatic show.

“I could hear a US warship talking off and on throughout the day,” Killing Time Spearfishing Captain Matt Wirt said Thursday, Task and Purpose reports. “It was kind of weird, they were asking for a radio check. I think they were just parlaying into a flyby,” the captain noted.

“The pilot came on the radio and did one pass low off our bow that I thought was the flyby,” Wirt recalled. “I told him, ‘I thought you were going to buzz us like Tom Cruise did the tower in ‘Top Gun.'”

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