Russia Warns That US & Allies Ready To Strike Syria Within 24 Hours

The US and its allies are capable of prepare its missile-strike group for an attack against Syria in just 24 hours, the Russian Foreign Ministry said following previuos warnings by the Russian side of possible staged chemical attacks in Syria’s Idlib to justify such a strike.

According to the ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova, the US-led bloc has about 70 delivery vehicles with about 380 cruise missiles in the Middle East. She pointed out that US Navy missile destroyers ‘Karni’ and ‘Ross’ are currently deployed to the region. Each of them carries 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Zakharova said that the “US military forgot to mention that they can build up missile capabilities to strike Syria in just 24 hours. The strike group of the United States, France and the UK currently consists of planes, strategic and tactical aircraft at bases in Jordan, Kuwait, Crete.”

Earlier, the US military denied Russian statements that the US was building up military forces in the region. However, the facts on the ground show that the US really has a strike force to carry out an attack on Syria


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