The MiG-31 is considered as world’s best interceptor armed with deadly R-33 and R-37 air to air missile.R-33M BVR used in russian mig-31 has a Operational range of 150-398 km depending upon the launch altitude and target.It has speed of Mach 6.This missile can attack targets ranging in altitude between 15–25,000 metres.These missile has been intended to attack large high-speed targets such as the SR-71 Blackbird, the B-1 Lancer bomber, and the B-52 Stratofortress. It is now equiped with Hypersonic Missiles for Long Range Strike missile .

Ten MiG-31 aircraft, which are currently on “experimental combat duty,” have been modified to carry the Kinzhal . The MiG 31 was chosen to carry the Kinzhal because of its range and huge payload capacity combined with its high altitude and blistering speed. The jet is capable of cruising at Mach 2.35 with an air-to-air payload and is temperature limited to Mach 2.83.

The hypersonic Kinzhal’ missile has an effective range of 2,000km and can travel 10 times faster than the speed of sound.The air defence system of NATO and US may not have answere to this missile.

The Kinzhal’s warhead is estimated at between 500 and 700 kilograms, a formidable payload though still well below that of China’s DF-21D. What sets the Kinzhal apart, however, and makes it a truly lethal ship hunter, is its combination of precision, range, and hypersonic speed of impact of over Mach 5. Even with no warhead, the kinetic energy of this impact alone is enough to disable if not completely destroy even the largest of warships. Some indication of its power can be gained by examining the Russian-Indian BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile, a platform restricted to speeds of Mach 2.8 and carrying a 250 kg warhead, which was developed to tear large warships ships in half with the sheer force of its high speed impact — and despite lacking hypersonic speeds it was proven able to do so. From this it can be inferred that the Kinzhal, a longer ranged and much faster platform with approximately double the Brahmos’ kinetic energy and more than double the payload, is highly likely to be able to destroy even the largest of enemy warships with a single strike — and does so at distances of up to 2,000 km.

India need such missile system to counter Chinese growing aggression in Indian ocean.Chinese current air defense like HQ-9 naval is not capable of shooting down such missile.Air lunched bramhos and its hypersonic version will be a game changer in securing country’s interest.Mig-31 can be easily to attack US carrier group.Armed with top notch BVR missile and Hypersonic air launched missile.Mig-31 is a serious threat which NATO and the World should fear this.

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