MIG 31BM: The fighter that can beat missiles

Mig 31BM is a Russian high-speed interceptor designed to defend against any air attack from long range. It is one of the fastest combat jets. It is operated by Russian and Kazakhstan Air Force. After up-gradation, it will in all likelihood be operational till 2030.
The group of four MIG-31 BM can control an area of airspace 800 kilometers across and 2,000 kilometers long. To make this beast technologically advanced it is being upgraded to Mig 31BM. It will have a 1500kg Zaslon-M radar, capable of locking stealthy target at long ranges. It can track up to 24 targets at ranges of up to 320 kilometers and engage eight of them simultaneously. It is believed that it can lock on a stealthy Kh-55 cruise missile, with RCS of 0.0001 at 90 km. It has a whopping range of 400 km against the 20 RCS m2 and 282 km against an RCS of 5m2.

It is installed with KNIRTI Sorbitsya ECM system present on the wingtip rails of MIG 31. It is an effective system against the anti-stealth mission. Each ECM pod has phased-array antennas fore and aft. The middle section of the Sorbtsiya houses the receivers, emitters, and techniques generator. It uses a jamming technique like noise jamming and terrain bouncing. The electronic phased-array antenna permits detection over a wide frequency range and the direction of more than ten jamming beams against air-to-air and surface-to-air threats. Hope we all remember what Khibiny Jamming pod did to USS destroyer.

It is equipped with K-37M BVR missile with a range of 280 km. It has Active radar homing seeker head with AESA antenna. The R-37M can also be fired in “fire and forget” mode completely independent after launch. It can be used to target AWACS and other intelligence gathering aircrafts. This aircraft can carry 10 such missiles making this aircraft a perfect killer of all time.

Mig 31 BM can carry deadly hyper-sonic “Kinzhal” air-launched missile. It has a range of 2000 km and can achieve a speed of Mach 10. It will challenge the existing air defense systems like THAAD and PAC 3. This missile is touted as a game changer weapon for Russia. This aircraft has an unmatched capability that will challenge the dominance of USA and its allies.

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