Indian army should consider M777ER?

Indian army is all set to receive 3 more m777 gun out of 145 gun.India signed a deal on November 2016 for 145 gun at a whopping cost of $737 million.With the development and success in trial of light weight kalyani gun which is 155mm/39 cal. The chance of further induction of m777 is doubtful.
Indian army is in need for light weight gun.With ATGS having a capability to fire Indian ammunition at a range of 48 km.It’s time for Indian army to consider m777 ER.
M777 ER is an up-gradation of current 155mm/39 cal.It can fire shell at a range of 70 km(max).In general it can fire a shell between the range of 54km-70 km depending upon the ammunition.
The caliber of this gun has been extended from current 39 cal to 55 cal.The barrel of this gun will be much longer than the previous one(m777 A2) enabling it to fire at very long range
This is a very huge advantage for Indian army.It can be very deadly piece of weapon.With a capability to hit a target 70 km away will save lot of precious guided ammunition.Enemy’s command and control,army headquarter ,ammunition dump,communication system,missile batteries,artillery post,airfield ,railway structure will be in range of this weapon.When considering Pakistan we will not require pinaka.India can fire its artillery from stand off range and target major city deep inside Pakistani territory
With 145 m777ER ,This piece of artillery will make a big difference in conflict along with Dhanush & ATGS
The current artillery which india is buying can be upgraded to M777 ER.The M777ER is a set of six modules that can be retrofitted on existing M777 guns.The modules include a modified barrel, suspension and recoil system, and adds approximately 500 kg to the M777’s existing weight.And BAE is further working on up-gradation package which will not increase the weight.Indian army should think about this proposal seriously

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