How many more Arihant-class SSBN (Nuclear powered Submersible Ships carrying Ballistic Missiles) Indian Navy has planned and what are their names ?

After two of the Arihant-class Nuclear powered submarines were commissioned in the navy, the Indian Navy has placed orders for 4 additional Arihant-class SSBNs.

The submarines will be constructed at the Hindustan Shipyards Limited Shipbuilding Center Vizag.

Name Keel laying Commissioning

INS Archan. 2016. 2019

INS Arun 2016 2019

INS Arnesh. 2018 2021

INS Arjun. 2018 2021

Note: This is the earlier planned schedule and it may be overshot. But it will give heart to those who are accustomed to staying pessimistic (considering earlier inductions that have been delayed by decades) and question us that will it be done by the end of this century?

India is all set to emerge as a Super-power on the World scene in this century. But there will be a difference. Our power won’t be aimed at destabilizing the world rather it will be aimed at promoting adherence to universal human values and delegitimizing rule of one set of beings over the others. We must remember that we can buy peace only from a position of strength. After all, this is a country that has seen Mahabharata but has still been inspired by the high ideals of Ram-Rajya.

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