Deliveries of air-launched BrahMos missiles for the Indian Air Force’s Su-30MKI fighters may start in 2019, BrahMos spokesman Praveen Pathak said Tuesday.

“One more test on a ground-based target is planned for the end of the year – November-December.
After that, deliveries of weapons will start, we have already received the order from the Air Force, so we are waiting for the completion of this test,” Pathak said on the sidelines of the Army 2018 defence industry forum.
Bramhos is considered as world’s best supersonic fire and forget cruise missile system.Powered by liquid fueled ramjet.Unlike other traditional cruise missile which are supersonic only during terminal phase. Brahmos maintains a speed of Mach 2.8 to Mach 3.0 throughout its assigned path.It has sea skimming capability.It is being used as anti ship missile in all the major warship of Indian navy.Indian armed forces will operate 6 bramhos regiment by 2021.The air force plans to induct bramhos-A on its 42 su 30 mki.There are plans to induct more than 200 + bramhos-A missile for IAF

India has recently integrated it’s homemade indigenous seeker. With the addition of Indian seeker.The cost of each bramhos will be reduced. India is also producing booster motor indigeniously.The new seeker will have made in India hardware, algorithm, logic and realization.It is unknown whether the seeker is RF Mono Pulse seeker or SCAN SEEKER.

Su 30 MKI has a range of 3000 km and with in flight refueling it’s range can be extended to 8000 km.India plans to equip air launched bramhos on 42 modified Su 30 MKI & and government may consider building another 40 Su 30 MKI which can be armed with Bramhos-A, Bringing the total no of aircraft armed with Bramhos-A to 82,This will improve India’s ability to hit well protected target in both land and sea
Air launched Bramhos -A with a range of 800 km travels at a speed of 3.0 Mach will play an important role in restoring India’s dominance against both China and Pakistan

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