Chinese super carrier Type 009

The Chinese new supercarrier type 003 will have a displacement between 90,000-100,000 tons and have electromagnetically assisted launch system (EMALS) catapults for getting aircraft off the deck. It’ll likely carry a large air wing of J-15 fighters, J-31(navy) stealth fighters like f-35, KJ-600 airborne early warning and control aircraft, anti-submarine warfare helicopters, and stealth attack drones. When joined with Type 055 destroyers and next-generation attack submarines, it would provide the PLAN a highly capable task force for representing China on global missions.
The Type 003 along with type-55 destroyer and next-generation nuclear submarines may challenge Indian dominance in Indian ocean region.


Type 55 destroyer will have 24-cell launched and 112 vertical launched tube.I t can carry more missile than any destroyer currently inducted in PLA.It can be armed with
HQ-26 Anti-ballistic missiles
YJ-18 Land attack cruise missiles
CJ-10 Long-range land-attack cruise missiles
YJ-18A Anti-ship cruise missiles
YJ-100 Long-range anti-ship cruise missiles
CY-5 Anti-submarine missiles
HHQ-9B Surface-to-air missiles with terminal ABM capability
DK-10A Quad packed surface-to-air missiles
Such a battle group will be a threat to India and the US Navy. India needs to increase its defence budget from current 1.57% allocation of GDP to 2.6-3.0 % of GDP
Carrier operated KJ-600 AWACS can provide long-range threat detection capability along with J-31.

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