Chinese PLZ-52 SPG which will challenge Indian armed forces

The PLZ-52 is a new Chinese self-propelled howitzer. It is an improved version of a PLZ-05, which is used by the Chinese army. Currently, it is among the most capable artillery systems in the world. However, the PLZ-52 is aimed mainly at export customers, rather than the Chinese army.

It can fire 40 km of an extended-range projectile. The maximum range of fire is 53 km with a rocket-assisted projectile. It has been reported that China developed a GPS-guided 155 mm projectile. It was claimed that this projectile has a whopping maximum range of 100 km and accuracy of 40 m.

The PLZ-52 is capable of firing Chinese precision-guided projectiles.
This artillery system has a semi-automatic or even fully automatic ammunition loading system.The maximum rate of fire is around 8 to 10 rounds per minute. The PLZ-52 is capable of Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) firing. It can launch up to 4 rounds that would hit the same target simultaneously. It is comparable to K-9 thunder though it can fire guided shell with a maximum range of 100KM.

It may be effective against targeting Indian artillery battery, command and control center, ammunition dump, even airfield, It may not be deployed in rough terrain near the Indian border. But cannot be predicted. It will give China a rare capability to bombard at standoff distance where Indian weapon locating radar may not detect these SPG & Indian artillery shell may not reach. There is a need that India needs to work on Indias indigenous guided shell to counter Chinese MBRL, SPG, Truck mounted towed gun

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