The USAF awarded the B-21 Raider Contract to N. Grumman 3 years Ago Today

🔵 U.S.Air Force Awards LRS-B Contract By : Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs / U.S. Air Force/ Published…

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F-35 comes into View as Indian Navy Eyes 5th Gen. Fighter for its Next Aircraft Carrier

⏩(The first indigenous aircraft for the Indian Navy is delayed by 8 years delayed and this leaves the Navy with…

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Boeing’s Low-Cost Smart Bomb: The Game-changing JDAM

This year marks 20th anniversary of the day in 1998 when Boeing delivered the first production model of the satellite-guided…

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Northrop Working On 50-kw Laser to Protect US Soldiers From Helicopters, Drones

Northrop Grumman will offer the U.S. Army a 50-kw laser capable of knocking helicopters and drones from the sky, hoping…

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US Clears UK $3-Plus Billion Buy of 16 Chinooks

☝(A CH-47F Chinook helicopter with 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade maneuvers to pick up an M119A3…

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To Combat Russian Subs, NATO allies team up to develop Unmanned Systems at Sea

⏩ The unmanned submarine-hunting surface drone Sea Hunter gets underway on the Williammette River in Portland, Ore. The platform represents an…

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Belgium Picks F-35 over Eurofighter Typhoon for Future Fighter Jet

⏩ Belgium has to phase out its 54 F-16 Jets between 2023 and 2028 ⏩ Belgium will reportedly purchase 34…

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China’s H-20 nuclear stealth bomber might be unveiled next year — and it could pose a serious threat in the South China Sea

  Chinese media reported on Monday that Beijing would unveil its H-20 nuclear stealth bomber next year during the 70th…

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The US Army’s Dream Gun: A Rifle That Can Fire Up To 5 Rounds At One Time

Colorado gunsmith Martin Grier has invented a new kind of rifle—one that can fire up to five rounds at a…

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Pentagon Chief: US ‘Cannot Accept’ China’s ‘Militarization’ in South China Sea

United States Defense Secretary James Mattis reiterated Washington’s position on the South China Sea Friday, calling for Japan and South…

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