With 5 New Stealth Features, RAFALE F4 will be a Fighter to Beat in MMRCA 2.0

⏩ INTRODUCTION : Indian Air Force is poised to get 110 new aircrafts under MMRCA 2.0. No matter the technical…

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Russian Terminator-3 Tank Support Vehicle Will Be Able to Take Down Drones

The BMPT-72 Terminator tank support combat vehicle has recently proven its worth in the Syrian conflict, and began to be…

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How could Indian Rafale counter S400 missile threat from China?

Chinese acquisition of S 400 SAM in near future possesses serious challenge for RAFALE to perform it’s SEAD mission .…

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Russia Increasingly Successful in Downing U.S Drones Using Electronic Warfare

Russia is increasingly successful in combating enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, which could cause serious difficulties for the United States, which…

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If India is Serious About Invading Pakistan, It must acquire Shtil-1 in addition to S-400

If India is Serious About Invading Pakistan, It must acquire Shtil-1 in addition to S-400 ⏩ Why We Need Shtil-1…

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Interview with Super Hornet Pilot: F/A-18E versus F/A-18C- the Final Word !

⏩ Hush-Kit grilled Hornet fighter pilot Dave Buonerba to find out what was the hottest fighter in the US Navy.…

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China Has a Plan to Convert Non-stealthy Aircrafts into Stealthy Jets

China is trying to devise ways to make its nonstealthy aircraft radar resistant. This week, the Hong Kong–based South China…

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China Might Have a New Radar That Can Spot F-22s and F-35s

A new Chinese surveillance aircraft could take away a key advantage of American stealth jets. China is building a carrier-launched…

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The One Fighter Plane America’s Military Doesn’t Want to Fight

The manouverability of the Su-35 makes it an unsurpassed dogfighter. However, future aerial clashes using the latest missiles (R-77s, Meteors,…

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RIP Stealth?: A Russian Su-35 Reportedly Took a Picture of an F-22.

⏩ Why That Might Be a Problem ? Here is what you need to know ⏩ The Pentagon will likely…

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