The Indian army is set to acquire its first howitzers in three decades and restart a long-delayed artillery modernisation programme

⏩ Giving credit where its due, Sandeep Unnithan in this article proposes that the revival of Indian artillery- Dhanush, K-9, M-777…

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Why MR-SAM and S-400 are Crucial to keep PAF defensive

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and DRDO developed Medium Range surface to air missile (MRSAM) have started to be deployed on…

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Russia Increasingly Successful in Downing U.S Drones Using Electronic Warfare

Russia is increasingly successful in combating enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, which could cause serious difficulties for the United States, which…

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China Reveals Short-Range Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Designed To Dodge Enemy Defenses

China is hardly a stranger to developing medium- and intermediate-range anti-ship ballistic missiles with maneuvering warheads to help exert authority over its broad…

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If India is Serious About Invading Pakistan, It must acquire Shtil-1 in addition to S-400

If India is Serious About Invading Pakistan, It must acquire Shtil-1 in addition to S-400 ⏩ Why We Need Shtil-1…

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Interview with Super Hornet Pilot: F/A-18E versus F/A-18C- the Final Word !

⏩ Hush-Kit grilled Hornet fighter pilot Dave Buonerba to find out what was the hottest fighter in the US Navy.…

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By : Loïc Piedevache, Country Head, India, MBDA Group / Vayu That MBDA has been delivering “battle-winning capabilities” to the…

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China’s Indigenous AWACS Projects : “FAR VISION” for the Dragon

By : Group Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (retd.) / Vayu In modern air warfare, the monitoring of real time enemy…

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If IAF were to Get EA-18G Growlers, Our Enemies would be Groping in the Dark

⏩ WHY IT HAS TO BE THE CHEAPEST BUY ? “If for other reasons, we are forced to acquire the…

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F-35 comes into View as Indian Navy Eyes 5th Gen. Fighter for its Next Aircraft Carrier

⏩(The first indigenous aircraft for the Indian Navy is delayed by 8 years delayed and this leaves the Navy with…

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