Why India should consider buying 40 more SU 30 MKI?

SU 30 MKI is considered as the backbone of Indian air force. It is one of the most important and advanced 4.5 gen aircraft in Indian air force inventory. India has ordered 272 su 30 mki, It has a unique feature like thrust vector control which makes this aircraft one of the most maneuvering aircraft in the world, It is installed with NIIP N011M Bars (PESA) radar. N011M has a 400 km search range and a maximum 200 km tracking range, and 60 km in the rear hemisphere. The radar can track 15 air targets and engage 4 simultaneously. It also has IRST (OLS-30 laser-optical Infra-red search and track ) system.It can carry 8000 kg of an ordinance,precision-guided missile and bombs & A-A missile

We all know the Indian air force in facing a shortage of fighter jet, To address this issue LCA Tejas mk1a & mk2 is being procured(planned) along with 36 Dassault rafale, Along with this India is also upgrading mig-29,Jaguar and Mirage aircraft to make these aircraft relevant for future warfare
HAL has proposed a plan to add 40 more su 30 mki with the same price ( Rs 4.25 billion),It’s height time that IAF should consider this offer seriously, As IAF is struggling to maintain the squadron(42 sanctioned), This will take the number of su 30 mki to 312 aircraft

How will the capability of IAF get enhanced with this deal?

IAF has plan to induct 42 su 30 mki to carry Bramhos-A, India can manufacture another 40 aircraft which can carry 2.5-ton Bramhos-A,
Since upgrading the older aircraft with shorter residual lifespan is a loss, India can save lot of money with this plan and it will be a smart decision in the long run
By adding 40 more aircraft.T he total of no of aircraft which can carry Bramhos-A will go up to 82 aircraft, Which is not a bad number, These aircraft can be deployed to hunt Pakistan and Chinese naval vessel in long range, IAF can deploy more number of aircraft armed with Bramhos-A in a strategic location like Andaman and Nicobar
India plans to upgrade its entire su 30 mki to super su 30 mki .With additional orde,r India can negotiate for much sweater deal from Russia. India has already taken various step to improve the operational serviceability of su 30 mki
India already operates much-advanced version of su 30 mki than China. The enemy cannot ignore 312 aircraft armed with bramhos-M(300 km) & bramhos-A(800 km).With China ramping up and upgrading its flanker fleet.The Indian government should consider this offer seriously

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