Which One Would You Pick – AK103 or AKM


💥AK103 and AKM- both iconic Russian rifles are in the inventory of Indian Armed Forces.

AK103 is used by the Indian Police, Army, Paramilitary including special forces MARCOS, Garud, Ghatak, and NSG.

AKM, on the other hand, was acquired earlier by the army including PARA SF, Garud, Ghatak, BSF and NSG.

Picking among your own children is not easy. Still if it’s to be one, which one it would be?

For detail, AK-103 assault rifle is a derivative of the AK-74M chambered for the 7.62×39mm M43 round. Protective coatings ensure excellent corrosion resistance of metal parts. Forearm, magazine, butt stock and pistol grip are made of high strength plastic. AK103 as a standard uses Steel-reinforced plastic magazine. 30 round magazine weighs 739 grams. With improvements and enhancements over earlier variants, the rifle has an effective firing range of 500 metres.

AK-103 is otherwise similar in make to its older cousin AKM. But AKM is the most ubiquitous rifle of the AK series. It was an improvement over AK-47. AKM in its turn became a progenitor of AK-74. So Genealogy is somewhat like this :

SKS – AK47 – AKM – AK74 – AK103 – AK12 and AK15

Though all AK 7.62x39mm magazines are inter-compatible, AKM’s standard magazine is made of Ribbed stamped-steel. 30 rounds magazine weighs 819 grams. AKM has an effective firing range of 350 metres.

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