Top five truck mounted howitzers

Truck mounted howitzers are artillery system which is mounted on the wheeled platform. It provides better mobility than the traditional towed artillery and even tracked chassis. They are generally used in modern day war to provide indirect firing to infantry. Truck mounted howitzers have the ability to scoot and scoop type attack. It has a better chance to avoid counter artillery fire. Hence we present you the list of top five truck-mounted howitzers. The analysis is based on the rate of fire, ammunition load, deployment and redeployment time, protection, and some other factors.

No.1 Archer (Sweden)

The Archer truck-mounted artillery system is considered as a next-generation artillery system for Sweden and Norway. In 2008, Sweden ordered the first batch of seven units, while Norway ordered one. The howitzer was developed for the Swedish army. It has a fully automated 155mm/L52 howitzer gun mounted on a modified  6 x 6  chassis of the  Volvo A30D. The vehicle carries 21 155mm projectiles in the fully automatic magazine. The howitzer can use NATO modular charges or Bofors Uniflex 2 modular charges. This can fire Bofors/Nexter Bonus rounds up to a range of 35 km. It can rain precision guided  Raytheon/Bofors XM982 Excalibur round on enemy territory up to a range of 60 km. The gun requires 10 min to get deployed. This system generally requires for crew members, but it can be operated by just two crew members during an emergency.

It has a Maximum rate of fire of 8 – 9 rounds per minute. The Archer is capable of multiple-round simultaneous impact firing. It fires up to 6 rounds in 30 seconds, each in different trajectories so that all of the shells arrive on target at the same time. The howitzer has a continuous fire rate of 75 rounds per hour, an intensive fire rate of 20 rounds in just 2.5 min.  It also has an M151 protector remote controlled weapon station to neutralize small arms fire, The vehicle can reach road-speeds of up to 70 km/hr and can be transported by A 400M aircraft. The vehicle can reach road-speeds of up to 70 km/hr. To protect the vehicle the cabin and engine compartment are fully armored and the cab is fitted with bullet and fragmentation-proof windows. These characteristics of Archer artillery system make this the deadly truck-mounted artillery ever produced.



NO 2: G6 52

The G6 52s a 155 mm self-propelled artillery gun designed by Denel. It is further development of G6 Rhino. This new artillery system has increased firing range and increased rate of fire. The G6-52 is fitted with a longer 155-mm /L52 howitzer with 23 and 25-liter chambers. It has a  fully-automatic ammunition loading and handling system. The howitzer has onboard storage for 45 projectiles and 50 charges. the G6 has a nominal range of 39km at sea level. It can fire V-LAP projectile( new velocity-enhanced long-range projectile ) up to a range of 67km. The G6-52 is capable of multiple round simultaneous impact firing. It can fire 5 rounds at 25 km range to hit target simultaneously.

The G6 is fitted with eight launchers that fire 81mm smoke grenades. The high strength armor-plate hull protects the crew against small arms fire and shell splinters. Welded steel armor of the G6-52 protects against 14.5-mm armor-piercing rounds. It has an overall protection of 7.62-mm armor-piercing rounds and artillery shell splinters.

This artillery system requires five crew to operate, But in case of emergency three crew can operate the system. Ability to fire V-LAP projectile up to a range of 67 km, superior protection make this artillery system best in the world

g6 52
g6 52

NO 3:Zuzana 2

Zuzana 2 is a new version of the original Zuzana. It is armed with a new 155mm/ 52-caliber gun and has a longer firing range. This artillery system has a redesigned forward control cab and a number of other improvements. The Zuzana 2 is armed with a turret-mounted 155-mm / L52 gun-howitzer. The gun is mounted externally between two separated compartments of the turret. Being armed with a turret-mounted 155-mm / L52 gun-howitzer, This artillery system can carry 3 main types of ammunition, including standard high-explosive rounds, extended-range high-explosive rounds and high-explosive anti-tank rounds for direct firing at an armored target. The range of fire depends on projectile and charge combination. The maximum range of fire is 41 km with a rocket-assisted projectile.

Zuzana 2 has a fully automated autoloader and gun-laying system. It can carry a total of 40 rounds. It can fire 6 rounds within the first minute, or 16 rounds within 3 minutes. The manual rate of fire is reduced to 2 rounds per minute. Sustained rate of fire is around 1.5 rounds per minute. This artillery system is capable of Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact Firing (MRSI). It can fire projectiles at different trajectories at targets simultaneously. This system is also equipped with a roof-mounted 12.7-mm machine gun for self-defense. Zuzana has better crew protection. It has an armor which protects the crew against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Front arc withstands hits from 14.5-mm armor-piercing rounds. The vehicle is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire extinguishing system. This artillery system uses a special 8×8 chassis which gives it required the road speed of 80km/hr. There is also the development of another variant Diana which is a 155-mm tracked self-propelled howitzer. It is armed with a new 55-caliber gun. The turret is mounted on a Polish tracked chassis

Zuzana 2


The Caesar 8×8 is an upgraded version of the 6×6 wheeled self-propelled howitzer. It uses 55/52 caliber cannon. The gun is mounted on Tatra T-815 8×8 chassis. The Caesar 8×8 as a maximum rate of fire of 6 rounds/min. It can carry a total of 30 155mm projectiles and charges, the 155mm cannon has a powered elevation of maximum +72° and traverse 30° left/right. This artillery system can fire a shell from 4.5 to 40 km using standard ammunitiontion. It can achieve a range of 55km using Very Long-range Artillery Projectile. It is also fitted with a remotely operated weapon station armed with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm gun.

The vehicle can be fitted with an armored cab that provides ballistics protection STANAG 4569 Level 3 against the firing of small arms 7.62x51mm AP (Armor Piercing) and Mine protection Level 2 blast explosion 6Kg of TNT under the wheels. This artillery system is operated by five crew member. The CAESAR 8×8 uses an 8×8 military Tatra trucks chassis motorized with an air-cooled 410HP Diesel engine. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 90 km/h and 50Km/h in off-road condition with a maximum cruising range of more than 600 km. Standard equipment of the Caesar 8×8 includes an onboard computerized fire control system and a global positioning system/inertial navigation system. The vehicle is also equipped with auxiliary power units and maintenance tools as spare wheels. This system can be transported using A 400M or C 130 j. This system was used in the fight against ISIS. It was used to eliminate the terrorist hideout and to provide fire support to ground troops. This system is a modern truck mounted self-propelled artillery




NO 5: NORA B-52

The NORA B-52 is a 155mm, 52-caliber self-propelled gun-howitzer produced by Yugoimport-SDPR primarily for the Serbian Army. The 52 caliber gun is mounted on KamAZ 8×8 truck chassis. This system provides firepower and cross-country mobility. It offers both direct and indirect fire support and enables high and low angle fire without altering its firing position. The latest version is fitted with an independent automatic navigation system and a semi-open turret is supported by an automatic fire control system. NORA B-52 M03, the third variant, is equipped with a semi-open turret and full armor protection. NORA B-52-KE is a lighter version with a combat weight of 27.4t. It is also fitted with a semi-open turret. ORA B-52 K-I, an improved version of the NORA B-52 KE, is fitted with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection equipment and offers complete ballistic protection for the crew against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. The howitzer can withstand an explosion of 6kg trinitrotoluene (TNT) under the hull.

This system can carry 36 rounds. The automatic loading system holds 12 ready-to-fire projectiles and the remaining 24 are placed in the magazine for reloading. The self-propelled howitzer has a firing rate of six rounds per minute and a muzzle velocity of 925m/s. Its main gun barrel incorporates a high-efficiency muzzle brake and a horizontal sliding wedge breech block. The gun can fire an ordinary projectile to a maximum range of 20km and Extended Range Full-Bore-Base Bleed (ERFB-BB) projectile up to a distance of 41km. The howitzer is fitted with an advanced command-information system. The control system of the main gun comprises electro-hydraulic elevating and traversing drives with manual control. The turret is optionally equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun or a 12.7mm remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS) serving as secondary armament in close combat operations. This system is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA diesel engine. This gives it a maximum speed of 90km/h on road and a range of about 1,000km


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