Time for Indian navy to speed up PROJECT_28A

Indian Next Generation Missile Boats

Remember the 1971 war when 245-tonne Soviet-designed Osa class missile boats carrying P-15 Termit (SS-N-2 Styx) AShM (Anti-Ship Missile) destroyed fuel and military supply facilities on Karachi Naval Base.Since the missile boat played a important role indian navy plans to induct 7 next generation missile boats

The new missile boat will be 1250 ton with 8 VLC .It will be armed with 8 Bramhos cruise missile .It can be used for both anti ship and land attack role.It will have SAM system to take out sea skimming anti ship missile which travel 3-5m above sea level.

With India now a member of MTCR.Plans to test a new Bramhos missile with a range of 800km.Traveling at a speed of Mach 3,armed with deadly 300kg warhead.It can pierce any warship into two pieces

It will be also armed with Active towed array sonar, two light weight torpedo launcher.And can be used in anti submarine warfare.Being only 1250 ton.It will have very less RCS.Making difficult for navy to detect.It can play a important role in attacking a covey.If armed with Bramhos Block 4.It will have 90 degree steep dive capability making it difficult for the air defense system to intercept.Bramhos block 4 is also referred as carrier killer

India navy should speed up this project.Rumors suggest that this missile boat induction will commence from 2023.By inducting this system in large number.It will be a deterrence against china and Pakistan and can play important role in coastal defense against a powerful navy .India need to induct atleast 12-15 such boats

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