Protege of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Responds to The Call of Mother & Motherland

⏩ Former DRDO Scientist, Dr. Hari Nath leaves his high profile job in USA to promote organic farming in his village.

After completing his Masters from Chennai, Dr. Hari Nath worked briefly as a lecturer in CMC, Vellore. He joined DRDO in 1993 as a senior research fellow in the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, where he was assigned to research on the health of soldiers working in extreme environments. During that period he was lucky to have personally interacted with missile man and former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, then working at DRDO, on many occasions.

In 2005, he shifted to USA to join the faculty of Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. For a decade, he worked as an eminent drug researcher in Cardiology, published numerous papers and have many patents on the drugs.

After a point, he realised that most of his research was not penetrating into the lives of those who needed it the most, and was rather only adding to the profits of corporate pharmaceutical houses. Meanwhile after her retirement, Dr. Hari Nath’s mother was diagnosed with advanced Arthritis and Spondylitis. As per the standard medical procedure, her physician prescribed painkillers, which failed to remove her pain. Instead she developed gastric ulcer due to their side-effects.

After that, topical painkillers and intravenous injections were administered regularly, but she stopped responding to all these drugs. “Her condition was getting worse day by day. I was in the core medical field myself. It pained me to see I was failing to take care of my own mother,” recalls Dr. Hari Nath.

He started looking outside conventional treatment methods and came across a review article about the health benefits of Moringa Oleifera (drumstick leaves), which found mention as a medicine in local folklore. His mother started drinking boiled Moringa juice every morning upon his suggestion. She was completely cured in no time.

Soon after this, he decided to return to his village permanently and start a societal mission to spread awareness about traditional herbal medicines and organic farming.

(Source : Theological Indian)




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