Lt Gen Laura J Richardson to become first woman to head US Army’s largest command FORSCOM

Lt Gen Laura J Richardson is all set to create history as she will become the first woman to be heading the US Army Forces Command FORSCOM, and commanding 7,76,000 soldiers and 96,000 civilians. According to a report in CNN, this is the first time in the history of the US Army that a woman would be heading such a large force.

According to the report, this is not the first time Richardson is going to set a new benchmark in the Army. A US Army officer since 1986, she became the first woman deputy commanding general of 1st Cavalry Division. In the year 2017, she became the second-in-command to General Robert B Abrams, the commander of US Army Forces Command by becoming the first woman deputy commanding general of FORSCOM in North Carolina.
According to the CNN report, Abrams announced that he would be relinquishing his post to command the US Armed Forces Korea. “It has been an honour to serve these last three years as the commanding general, US Army Forces Command,” Abrams said in a message- CNN quoted.

During her distinguished career, Richardson has served as an Army aviator, military aide to the Vice President of the United States and liaison officer to US Senate.”The cavalry throughout the history of the United States Army is rich with tradition, esprit de corps and accomplishment,” Richardson was quoted as saying on US Army’s official website. “It’s a great honor and privilege to once again be part of the cavalry, and I look forward to serving with the Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division,” she said.

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