K 100: The AWACS Killer of India

Novator DRDO K-100 is a Russian air-to-air missile designed as an “AWACS killer” at ranges up to 400 km. It is a radar homing missile having a speed of Mach 3.3. It can fly at Max altitude of 30000 m. It is used on IAF Su 30 MKI and RuAF Su 35. The airframe is based on 9k37 Buk, a surface to air missile and is equipped with inertial guidance and terminal active radar homing seeker. It is the heaviest air-to-air missile ever produced.

Development of this missile was delayed many times and stalled in 1990. This project was restarted in 2004 after a deal between Russia and India. It uses a two-stage rocket engine. K 100 flies in the vicinity of the target by inertial navigation and then activates its own active radar for terminal homing. K 100 attacks its Targets with an adaptive high explosive (HE) fragmentation warhead. The K-100 has an enlarged (350 mm (14 in)) derivative of the Agat 9B-1103M seeker used in the Vympel R-27. It has a lock-on range of 40 km. This missile can pull out 12g (probably even better) of maneuvering. K 100 also has advanced features like autopilot, resistance to jamming and a steering system with 3D thrust vectoring control (TVC).

A combined Gas/AeroDynamic Control system is used for 3d TVC. 3D TVC Provides High Maneuverability irrespective of launch Conditions and allows for missile launch with AC in super maneuverability flight mode. Adaptive Rapid Reaction Autopilot Which Optimizes with Missile Stabilization and control Parameters within the firing range. A Special Interaction Logic between the KS-100 Explosive Fuse and Guidance system are used In addition to structural and configuration features, which guarantees absolute immunity of the Warhead detonation system to Jamming.

The missile has a Secure Data-Linked Based inertial Navigation System for Midcourse Guidance (This would probably be done by AWACS or the 2-3 MKIs working in tandem with their mini AWACS capability).

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