INDIAN Home made COMJAM and EW_System

In 2016 Indian Army unveiled the improved communication jammer and electronic warfare system on the Republic day parade.
This newly unveiled integrated communication electronic warfare system seems more powerful with set of two vehicles or more, comprising antenna’s and small dish antenna’s. the new system also capable to jam frequencies over 10,000 square kilometers of area.While the previous samyuktha having an disadvantage of less range
Indian Army already deployed those system in J&K to effectively counter the signals which can be used by militants, Such as jamming the wireless phones, satellite phones, and radio receivers. However they too jam the mobile communication if the threat level increased
The main advantage of such system is that long range missile uses the GPS and INS guidance system for long range strike missions, If the GPS/INS guidance jammed in terminal phase the missile will strike the false target,A capability which Indian army need desperately to counter china and Pakistan
This system will also act as communication jammer. This jammers specially used for suppress the frequency, most of the wireless and satellite communications works on VHF or UHF frequency, Jamming the mentioned frequency can disable communication between the deployed troops and Command center.
Not to forget the havoc EWS system of russia created in syria & ukraine
This system will act as an force multiplier,An important asset to deal with Chinese growing long range precision guided missile,its AWACS and drone system,It will have serious consequences on battle system management,It can disrupt all form of radar function right from weapon locating radar ,precision artillery shell to long range Chinese rocket artillery etc
(note:we cannot confirm the exact range, As these system are being developed under high secrecy,we concentrated only on application and importance of such system in indian army arsenal)

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