Chines DF-10 “Long Sword” Nuclear Capable Cruise Missile and It’s implication on India

DF-10 is the latest cruise missile in Chinese arsenal of guided missile system.It can carry nuclear or conventional warhead of 500kg with a strike range of 1500 km.Each launch vehicle can be equipped with three DF-10 cruise missile.By expanding the range and accuracy of this missile.It can be used for anti ship,coastal defense and land attack role.This missile system will help achieving anti access area denial (A2AD) zones against India in land and in sea by deploying such missile battery in strategic location such as gwadar port.

The missile uses both GLONASS and GPS satellite systems for guidance .With a a circular error probable (CEP) of just 5-10 meters this can target naval installation,army headquarter,ammunition dump.air force bases and other important location easily.

The The H-6K bomber can carry 7 air launched DF-10 cruise missile.The Type 052D guided missile destroyer and Type 093A nuclear attack submarines can carry DH-10s (Naval version of the DF-10) in their vertical launch systems.
India need to develop and deploy long range SAM to counter this along with S-400.India need to work on mini spy satellite operating in lower orbit which can give early warning.India need to at least induct 10 AWACS next generation developed by DRDO.We need to induct much powerful ground and space based electronic warfare which can help in jamming these missile guidance system a.

India has to develop and induct air defence system like XR-SAM,AAD,PDV in large quantity.We need to further develop swordish radar class radar which works on L-band & ultra L band frequency.It will help India in detecting stealth aircraft and cruise missile with very less RCS from long range
India need to develop and deploy DF-21D class missile system.

India should initiate its own hyper sonic air launched version with a range of 2000 km along with the guidance system which can work autonomously without guidance from satellite or radar under dense ECM condition. India has taken various step to improve its air and naval defence capability. One such step is VC11184 project. This vessel will play an important role in alerting Indian defences. The vessel reportedly had an overall length of 175 m and displacement of over 10000 tonnes. The ship will have a crew complement of 300. It will be powered by two 9000 kW main engines .The ship will be primarily tasked with missile tracking using two sensors, possibly an X-Band AESA primary radar and an S-Band AESA secondary radar, ranging and electronic intelligence (ELINT) gathering, making it the first ship of its kind to join Indian service. Only four other countries — the US, Russia, China and France — operate similar vessels.

India also plans to equip its future warship with anti ballistic missile defence system. Induction of hyper sonic missile system like Bramhos-2 and land/air lunched cruise missile like Nirbhay will be an important deterrence against China and Pakistan


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