Can USA Render India’s Apaches Impotent By Controlling Them From Satellites ?

🔵Don’t know how much of it is fact or fiction but here I’m reproducing views of Max Glazer that he shared with me.
🔵Max Glazer is born in St. Petersburg but now lives in Australia.

⏩Que :1. Does Russia Exploit Countries And Demand Exorbitant Price For Spares ?

Ans: Price on parts can’t be all that exorbitant, especially now that Rouble-dollar exchange rate is so artificially huge. One thing is important to know is that when a purchasing contract is signed, it also includes a supply of spare parts, including engines, as well as maintenance manuals, service schedules, etc.

One thing about Su-30 MKM (Malaysia had recently lamented publically of lack of after-sale support from Russia) is that there are so few of them in Malaysian service and they do EVERYTHING with them: combat air patrol, attack aerial targets, defend aerial assaults, ground strike, defence penetration, precision strike, etc. Having only 18 for all missions, they run those MKMs pretty intensively and cost of maintenance is high due to having to use so many parts so quickly. Su-30MKM, being a heavy twin-engine fighter that is truly multi-role the amount of hardware that needs maintenance is higher than on single-engine fighters, and that is not just including engines.There is literally more stuff to replace/maintain.

⏩Que : 2. Are’nt US aircrafts and weapons an alternative ? After all they sell us the weapons at same price at which US’s own military gets.

Ans: US government does NOT support Malaysia if that’s what you mean (Apparently Max Glazer so far doesn’t know that I’m not a Malayan). At all Period. They are “standing behind you” to either direct your policies or to slit your throats. The pressure on Malaysia over MH17 is all the indicator needed to be shown. Buying US-made weapons ALWAYS comes with caveats on its use and on policies your government will be “encouraged” to follow. Turkey is a prime example with the whole S-400 and F-35 story. You might get same price for Apache as US military but I guarantee you it’ll be less capable than its US counterpart. So you ARE paying more as far as cost of capability is concerned. It’s an export and they want money. Also you’ll only get what US government will LET you have. Just like anyone else. There are export-approved systems and domestic-only ones. F-22 wasn’t allowed to be exported for that reason.

US can literally render a fighter plane impotent at a push of a button. All it needs is a signal from a satellite and you’ll lose the targeting systems. Proof is in Globalhawk: it was remotely piloted when it flew around the globe in that publicised flight in early 2000s. They can literally take over flying of any plane that has a fly-by-wire and make it ground-bound or worse make it fall out of the sky. It’s more than possible.

⏩Que : 3. It is hard to believe that. In fact post-signing of 3 foundational agreements with USA- LEMOA, COMCASA and BECA, India’s aircrafts will have better interoperability and communication with US aircrafts. There is convergence of geo-political interests of the two countries.

Ans: Are you really genuinely of an opinion that USA doesn’t leave backdoors in software and hardware of the exported combat systems? You poor naive soul. Didn’t you know that in 1991 US had deliberately made Iraqi and in 2000s Russian GPS units a LOT less precise and that led to Iraqi systems literally shutting down? Didn’t you know that US-made airliners have a remote-control capability in case of hijacking as of late-00s/early 10s? If a plane has fly-by-wire, it can become remote-controlled. That’s how drones work. If you think that there is no chance to literally turn off the pilots controls remotely then you really haven’t paid attention and haven’t thought about things. Apache may not fall out of the sky, but it can certainly be made unable to target anything or fire at anything. There is a reason why navigation and targeting systems are integrated: they CAN be affected by a satellite signal that’ll put in a command and make it unable to lock on for example.

USA doesn’t export Abrams tank with DU armor inserts. Russia until recently didn’t export the Ainet system that allows programmed detonation of HEFRAG ammo midflight. So no, US Apache will have systems that no one else gets. F-22 wasn’t exported for that reason. F-35 will have US-only systems while everyone else gets what was agreed to.

Once again, for those that see world as black and white: USA can and will backstab Malaysia if it serves their purposes. They didn’t mind Assad at all until they decided to put a pipeline through Syria and Assad said no. They didn’t mind Egypt until they chose not to do what US says. They crashed Japanese stock market in 90s despite essentially owning Japan. They do whatever they want to anyone.

As far as India goes: Loads of money, loads of corruption, no intelligence in purchasing equipment, huge amounts of “wants” and next to no “cans”. USA has shown time and again that they’ll put pressure on India via support route.

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